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Fondo Nacional de las Artes, Beca Formación Grupal 2021, Bs. As., Argentina.
Acquisition Grand Prize, 
Arteclásica 2010, Bs. As., Argentina
Special mention on Photography, Museo Maguncia 2009, 
Bs. As., Argentina.
Untitled, digital photography, 2009
Special mention on Photography,
Museo Maguncia 2009, Bs. As., Argentina
Sunset, ink and acrylic on canvas, 83x118cm, 2010
Acquisition Grand Prize,
Arteclásica 2010, Bs. As., Argentina

My artistic practice is based on finding a new meaning to what has been established, through the deconstruction and reconstruction of original universes with its own rules and logic.


There is an analysis of the main participating elements and based on it , I give a new concept  to my  work.

I modify the pre-existing elements and ideas, I express them through a totally different concept, as a mean  to express my concerns. I'm talking about territories, gender identity, belonging where we want to belong.  

We should be able to look into ourselves to find out who we really are, what we believe in and so we can fight for our ideales.

It is through the questioning that this dichotomy between the known and the new reconstructed that can trigger in each person different interpretations.


Santiago was born in 1977, in Montevideo, Uruguay. 

He had lived in Washington DC during 1998 and 1999 where he graduated from Montgomery College, MD, USA, with a degree in art and digital animation.

In 2001, he awarded a technical degree in Graphic Design by the Universidad del Trabajo del Uruguay. 

Since 2008, Santiago has been living in Buenos Aires, attended to photography and graphic design workshops at the University of Bs. As., Centro Cultural Rojas. In 2011 , he finished the 4 years painting studies by Fundación Guillermo Roux, following the teachings of Alejandra Roux, Marina Curci, Teresa Durmüller, and Matias Ercole. 

He had showed his works at ArteBA 2010, 2011; Pinta Miami Art Fair in 2014 and 2015. Assisted during 2015 and 2016 to art analysis and clinic with Alejandra Roux and Sergio Bazán.  He is part of Sociedad Argentina de Collage since 2019. In 2020 he participated in "Training and Management Program for Argentine artists" by Cecilia Medina. 


Santiago lives and works in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Solo exhibitions:

Organización de Estados Iberoamericanos (OEI), Bs. As., AR - Sep 2021

MissFusion - Colonia, UY - May 2017

Invasion - mock - Bs. As., AR - Nov 2013

Vínculos - AGAP - Bs. As., AR - Mar 2012





SAC Se presenta - Bs. As., AR - Oct 2021

Inmersion Fest 2nd - Bs. As., AR - Nov 14th 2019

Centro Cultural de España - MVD, UY - Nov 2nd 2019

Connected by Telepathy - Modos - Bs. As., AR - Dec 2017

E.Cabrera 3641 - Universidad de Palermo - Bs. As., AR - Aug 2017

Cazadores de Arte - Bs. As., AR - Dec 2016

PHOS invita a POPA - Pilar - Bs. As., AR - Apr 2014

Master Plan - mock - Bs. As., AR - Apr 2013

CASA FOA - Jacaranda - Bs. As., AR - Aug 2012

Trastienda - POPA - Bs. As., AR - Jul 2012

Fundación Guillermo Roux - Bs. As, AR - Dec 2011

La Segunda Mirada - AGAP - Bs. As., AR - Aug 2010

Gran Premio Pintura - Arteclásica - Bs. As., AR - Jul 2010

Vacíos - AGAP - Bs. As., AR  - Mar 2010

Fundación Guillermo Roux - Bs. As., AR - Dec 2009

Infantilismo -AGAP -  Bs. As., AR - Nov 2009

Arte Digital - Museo Maguncia - Bs. As., AR - Sep2009

Art Fairs:

FACba - Almacén de Arte - Cordoba - Sep 2021

ArteCo2021 - Almacén de Arte - Corrientes, AR - May 2021

Otra Feria - Almacén de Arte - Bs. As., AR - Apr 2021

Pinta Miami Art Fair - Miami, US - Dec 2015

Pinta Miami Art Fair - Miami, US - Dec 2014

International Art Fair Los Angeles - Los Angeles, US - Oct 2014

EGGO - Centro Cultural Recoleta - POPA - Bs. As., AR - Nov 2012

arteBA2011 - AGAP - Bs. As., AR - May 2011

arteBA2010 - AGAP - Bs. As., AR - Jun 2010


ph: Kenny Lemes