This we know:

The earth does not belong to man; Man belongs to the earth.


This we know.

All things are connected,

Like the blood which unites one family

All things are connected.


Whatever befalls the earth,

Befalls the sons of the earth.

Man did not weave the web of life;

He is merely a strand in it.


Whatever he does to the web,

He does to himself





Chief Seattle, 1856

pandemia        >>>ENGLISH<<<
The Revenge of Gaia - Covid Girl - Pandemia COVID-19


This project constitutes an artistic interpretation of the moment we are living, and the reaction the planet has to human actions due to the inappropriate use of its resources.


It is a composition of 3 collages made during the 2020 quarantine:

Covid Girl, The Revenge of Gaia and Pandemic COVID-19.


The Earth will get rid of us if we do not change our priorities and resolve the damage we are causing it.

The angel of death knocking on a door during the plague of Rome.
Engraving of Levasseur after J. Delaunay. (Detail)


The Gaia Hypothesis was developed by James Lovelock and Lynn Margulis.

Gaia is the primordial goddess who personified the Earth in Greek mythology.

She is a metaphor for the living Earth.

From a concrete or physical point of view (what is it?):
It is the thin spherical layer of earth and water that exists between the incandescent interior of the planet and the upper atmosphere that surrounds it.

From a biological point of view (who is it?):
It is the interactive living organisms that have inhabited it for over four billion years.

The combination of that What and that Who and the way in which one continuously affects the other, is what has been baptized as Gaia.

James Lovelock J.

The Revenge of Gaia: Why the Earth Is Fighting Back - and How We Can Still Save Humanity. Basic Books (Penguin). London; 2006.


Throughout its history, men have been a witness, and at same time victimizer and victim of the progressive degradation of the environment and the depletion of natural resources. His anti-environmental behavior is driven by the desire for profit, both individual and social, and ignorance of his inter-relationships with the planet.

Although there is an increasing awareness and effort in recent years to stop the deterioration of ecosystems. Rampant consumerism along with some degradation of social norms in terms of exploitation of human and environmental resources, devastating it.

The Earth, and its components mutate, adapt.

There are enough signs that humans, and all living things, are one whole element as a living organism.

What if the current pandemic was "The Revenge of Gaia"?


Without the need to refer to conspiracy theories, the coronavirus could be understood as the result of the devastating behavior on the planet of a technocratic society, which has generated long-term environmental problems such as the Greenhouse Effect, Global Climate Warming, Deterioration of the Ozone Layer, just to name a few.

In his article “Caring for the Earth-protecting life: how to avoid the end of the world“ - Leonardo Boff quotes Théodore Monod, perhaps the only great contemporary naturalist in his article “And if the human adventure failed“(Paris, Grasset 2000):

”we are capable of foolish and insane behavior; from now on, you can fear everything, really everything, including the annihilation of the human race; it would be the fair price of our follies and cruelties ”(p.246).

This does not mean that governments around the world should resigned, stop fighting the coronavirus and taking care of nations ́ health, or putting all the effort in research for a vaccine to stop it, despite its constant mutations. In addition to a world-wide economic-financial disaster it can mean a human tragedy, with an incalculable number of victims. But this will not be enough for the Earth. The planet demands a different attitude towards it: respect for its rhythms and limits, care for its sustainability and begin to see ourselves more than sons and daughters of Mother Earth. Just as we take care of ourselves, we must take care of it.

The Earth itself does not need us to survive. Instead, we need it. Perhaps She may no longer want us on his surface and keeps turning around in the outer space, but without us, because we were ecocides and geocides.”



The Revenge of Gaia

Artwork information:

Media:                                 Analog collage done with 2 maps and red ink

Size:                                    23 x 33 cms

Fecha:                                 Quarantine 2020

Presentation:                    Passpartout with pandemic's info. 

Total size:                          48 x 53 cms aprox.

James Lovelock, the formulator of the hypothesis of the Earth as a self-regulating living superorganism, wrote a book titled Revenge of Gaia ( 2006).

Gaia is defending herself, and self-regulates exhausted.

According to the scientific community we are in a new anthropocene geological era, characterized by what he considers human behavior on earth.
This totally aggressive and violent human action, in which more than a thousand species disappear per year is worse than the Anthropocene, the Necrocene: the era in which human beings massively produce death.

Gaia is an organism, and humanity is part of it, the massive deaths from Covid-19 could be she self-defense.

This is a global catastrophe that has not come from without as a war or an explosion, but from within. Viruses are within us and we are the ones who spread them. For this reason we had to learn to live with social distancing and isolation. We deserve it.

Human activity has generated these pandemics because we have altered the water cycle and the ecosystem that maintains balance on the planet.

COVID-19 is detected when 4 workers from the South China Wholesale Seafood Market, located in Wuhan City, entered a local hospital with a kind of pneumonia. Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses. Hundreds of them circulate among animals such as pigs, camels, bats and cats.

The variant causing the COVID-19 pandemic is only the seventh coronavirus believed to be passed from an animal to a human.

As of June 13, 2020, COVID-19 has been infecting 7,678,125 human beings in the world and to date there are 426,309 deaths according to Johns Hopkins University.


Covid Girl

Artwork information:

Media:                                 Digital collage printed on ultra mate 250grs paper

Size:                                    20 x 30 cms

Date:                                   Quarantine 2020

Presentation:                    Passpartout with pandemic's info. 

Total size:                          48 x 53 cms aprox.

On January 22nd, 2020,in Wuhan a chines province with population of 9 million people, after an outbreak of COVID 19 affecting 500 people with17 deaths; the Chinese authorities closed the city to prevent the spread. This is how isolation began, first in Wuhan and then for the rest of the world. Today is the COVID-19 pandemic of the year 2020.

In Buenos Aires we comply with a quarantine with a June 28th deadline (tentative). The confinement has forced us to a spiritual introspection and analysis of what is happening which offen entails a gigantic emotional roller coaster.

Among the “good things” the pandemia has brought, there has been a decreased in pollution levels worldwide.

The first values were seen in China. Since February, falls of between 20% and 30% of nitrogen dioxide emissions have been detected in some regions of countries heavily hitten by the coronavirus, such as Italy, China and the United States. Madrid, Milan and Rome also recorded a decrease of 45% and Paris 54% of nitrogen dioxide concentration compared to the previous year, in a single month, in Sydney under 38%, Los Angeles 29%, Rio de Janeiro 26%, Durban 9 %.

Here in Buenos Aires during March air pollution decreased 50% just within the first week of starting quarantine.

"No war, no recession, no other pandemic has had such a dramatic impact on CO2 emissions over the past century as covid-19 has achieved in a few months," wrote Matt McGrath, environment correspondent for the BBC.

As humans lock themselves up animals take over cities.

Deer have been seen in Nara, Japan. Javalis running through different cities in Italy, Spain, Israel. Dolphins near the port of Cagliari in Sardinia, Italy. Ducks at the Fontana Di Trevi. Mountain Goats in Wales. Newly hatched turtles have been seen on beaches in Thailand. In Venice the water is crystal clear.

For Gaia, the virus is us. Mother Nature Recovers Her Own ...


Pandemia COVID-19

Artwork information:


Media:                                 Analog collage on 1929's map 

Size:                                    30 x 41 cms

Date:                                   Quarantine 2020

Presentation:                    Passpartout with pandemic's info.

Total size:                          48 x 53 cms aprox.




The 3 works will be display on a printed image as passpartout.

Framed with black wooden and glass to protect each artwork.

The printed image on the background simulates a gray mat where you can read the total numbers of infected and dead by territory.

Ordered in descending order, from the moment the pandemic started in Wuhan until the end date, taking Buenos Aires as a reference.

The following information is also included: Name of the work, date and place of start of the quarantine worldwide (Wuhan), and date of completion of the quarantine in CABA (Currently, the document contains the estimated date of June 28, which is subject to change.)

NOTE: The actual data detailed in these images are only as a reference.






The three works together on the same wall. Indoor space
Black walls



In a more intimate context in 3 walls that form a U. Indoor space
Black walls






The best senario would be a dark space that generates intimacy and respect with very dim lights where the artworks are the only illuminated.

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